Just want to share a great blog sharing button

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    You can see it on my blog, but it’s called AddToAny and it’s so easy to install.


    I am not affiliated in any way with them. Just want to share it because I have tried several and this one has been the best for me.

    Hope it helps someone!

    The blog I need help with is scenthive.wordpress.com.



    If you have a windows based computer you could use [Get Social]



    I have a MAC, that’s why it’s been difficult for me and addtoany has been great.


    scenthive, could you detail the process/point to the correct resources for using addtoany for each post? I’m a newbie at WordPress and couldn’t find their installation instructions very helpful.




    Go to the link above, drag the share button to your tool bar. Once you have published a post, click on the share button link in your tool bar and then update the post. It should automatically appear at the bottom of your post.

    If you have difficulty, go to the contact at the bottom of their site. They have been very helpful when I ran into a slight snaffo once.

    Good luck!

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