Just what is “photos1.blogger.com”, and what are they doing?

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    I have ran a search, and can’t find a clear cut answer on this.

    I looked at my WP logs today and looked in the “Clicks” section.
    I noticed in many of those clicks over the past couple of days were from “photos1.blogger.com”.
    Example: photos1.blogger.com/blogger/5317/1944…
    When clicking on that, the link shows
    Then it shows one of my images.

    Now I just moved from Blogger over to here at WP about 3 weeks ago.
    And, I had a devil of a time trying to delete the content in my blog at Blogger.

    Question is, is this something that Blogger is doing?
    How can they come into my WordPress blog, and I assume, taking the images from my blog here?
    And if so, … what would be the purpose of them doing that?
    How would the owners of WP deal with this?

    I have heard that content is “never” really deleted from Blogger, which is one reason why I left!

    So, … can anyone tell me what is going on here?



    That looks very much like blog scraping, which is a nasty, copyright-violating thing you can find out more about by searching the forums for. But we need more info: we need to know what POST on which BLOG the image occurred. Because it might actually be nothing more than an image you left at Blogger.


    Thanks for the response RC.

    No, there are no images left over at Blogger, … at least I don’t see any.
    I have deleted all images.

    All of the images that have this photos1.blooger link in my log, are the ones that were initially posted over at the Blogger blog that I had.

    During the mass transfer of my posts and images, would you think that the info blogger put to those image files were transferred over to the WP posts, therefore, they are coming into my blog here at WP and using/taking them?

    It has me a bit confused, … and a bit angry about it too, as they pretty much rename the image files!
    I would also think that the WP owners would not like this as well.



    I can’t speak to the WP owners side of things, but I can tell you that you have the option of asserting your copyright. Email the blog owner and say you’re not cool with them posting the images, or ask for a link to your current site, or whatever you feel would be fair and beneficial for you. If they don’t respond within a week, I’d suggest you contact Blogger itself and identify yourself as the owner of the images in question and say that they don’t have your permission to post them. I know WordPress responds with alacrity in such circumstances, but can’t predict how Blogger will react. If nothing happens, the next thing to do is contact the Internet Service Provider of the person posting your pictures and ask them to cut them off; this generally works if you’re dealing with a reputable ISP.


    RC, … thanks again.

    But, it is not a blog that is taking/using them.
    It is Google, … or Blogger.
    (The link I gave above is just 1 of many different images that are mine.)
    After doing a bit more searching around, I have ran across some documents filed on copyright infringement through the DMCA, and people going after Google after finding a bunch of their images that “photos1.blogger” had copied and renamed.

    The answer I seek now, is “why”.
    And, … how could they come into my WP blog and download them?

    It is “Google/Blogger” that is doing this!



    Then I would ask Blogger directly. This may have something to do with Google’s stated intention to archive everything on the Internet. Actually, in that case you may have no recourse, as archiving isn’t the same as publishing; if that’s what they’re doing they are only making a record of what was there, not posting something anew.

    I would send an email inquiring and then I would let it go. I know that we can never retain complete control over what we have once posted on the Internet, and I believe the archiving to be valuable in its own right, but of course it is your call.


    Yeah, … think I’ll give that a go.
    I’ll try Google, as it is near impossible to get a answer from Blogger on anything.

    Still, if they archive it, they should not rename it.
    How would/could the owner keep track of it, unless a embedded Digimarc is used?

    Then, when you take into account the much talked about Orphan Works, … well there is another headache for creatives.
    Their work, being renamed, then possibly lost, and on it goes.

    Where’s the Tylenol? LoL!



    You do understand that Google owns Blogger, right?





    1 brick wall + 1 brick wall = 1 double thick brick wall
    P.S. gorgeous photos



    The photos on the blog are still over at blogger. For example, the ones in these posts:


    They still need to be moved over. The importer won’t do it for you. It just moves over the posts.

    hope this helps,


    Thanks Doc!

    Thing is, … how can someone move something that they have already deleted from their old blog? I can’t see anything to delete, except some minor posts left over at the old blog that has my new site’s link, etc.
    From what I have been told, Blogger actually never lets you delete any of your content.

    Anyway, I plan on going through my WP site and delete the image that was moved over from Blogger, and upload a different image with a different file name. See what happens then, … maybe.

    Hell, …. I don’t know.
    Need more coffee!



    What I would do is do a search within your blog for photos1.blogger.com (or whatever is the URL) and go to those posts and follow the image links and save them to your desktop. You’re going to have to reupload them to wp.com or an image service. Good project for the weekend. :)

    What’s surprising me is that bloger is showing the photos. I’ve lost count how many threads we have here where folks have their images over at blogger and show up as red x’s over here.



    The images on blogger always had their own identifiers and they are permanent. Presumably there is some sort of coding to associate the ID with a particular blogger, but I doubt it. In the Blogger1 format, terms of service stated there was no way to delete them.

    Fortunately, WP is better at tracking uploaded photos, and getting them deleted.

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