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Just wondering.. is the spell checker on the fritz?

  1. As I write a post and click the ABC button for the spell checker, it appears to run through it fine, but it does not actually find any mistakes, obvious ones and I am just wondering if it is broken?
    I have saved the post and even try to run it again... no "catching of errors" that are still present.
    Not sure if this is a problem for only me or everyon else!
    Thanks for the help :)

  2. Do you have an example of a post or an except of what you have problems with?


  3. Hi Trent,
    Acutally, it seems to be working fine today (6-15-07) but it was not when I posted this.
    I had a post (not published) that had several spelling errors and the checker did not catch any of them. Words such as: vafashiobn (fashion), thier (their) and aboundant (abundant) were not caught.
    I guess it was an anomily on that day and has since been corrected.

  4. Now I cannot change the staus of this post to resolved.
    Could someone do that please!

  5. edynrealestate

    Spell Check still not working for me

  6. What browser, browser version and os are you using?

    Also how can you tell it's not working? Nothings coming up? It's missing words?

    You are using the rich text editor (the one with the icons along the top) right?

    Need specifics please.

  7. edynrealestate

    Windows XP-IE7
    It misses all words. yes, using rich text.

  8. Spell checker has NOT worked for me for quite a while as well :-(

    ... so Ii can't see how the problem is 'resolved' ??

  9. @redracer
    Just to be sure the text rich editor with the icons at the top is working right turn it off and on again here -> Users -> My Profile ->
    Personal Options
    ___ Use the visual rich editor when writing
    Click "Update Profile"

  10. Yes that seem to make a difference - thank you.

    But I would like to know why WordPress keeps changing things without telling their users ??

  11. lol .. You're asking volunteers, who don't have any inside information and, who never know what's going to happen, in advance of the happening. I'm sorry we have no answer for your question.

  12. Actually NOT RESOLVED - I just created a new post, and the Spell Checker just did nothing !!!!

  13. I also sent feedback in and it hasn't worked for a couple weeks. I received an e-mail at the time stating it would be checked out but nothing since and it still doesn't work.

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