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Justification change only via paragraph command?

  1. I just do a bit of tweaking of what appears through my theme, 100% trial and error. Is there a way to change the justification of the text without needing a new paragraph command? The problem is that with the <p style>, I automatically get a double line break...So maybe my question is: how do I avoid a double line break with any new paragraph?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. By removing the default bottom margin:
    <p style="margin-bottom:0;">TEXT HERE</p>

  3. Funny thing. This worked for one try, disappeared and refused to work again. Q1: Could the theme (Chateau) be protesting this adjustment? Q2: If I am able to get this to work again, could I join another <p style> command to it, namely, the text-align (center or right) command, ie. can two such p style commands be given simultaneously? Appreciate your help, justpi.

  4. You're welcome.
    Themes don't protest against valid coding! If it disappeared, you probably mistyped something. Did you use it after copypasting it into a Word file perhaps?
    You can give as many style commands as you want. The style attribute is used only one, the properties and values inside the quotation marks can be multiple, for example:
    <p style="text-align:right;margin-bottom:0;">TEXT HERE</p>

  5. Yes! It worked. But you know, I had to preview the actual post to see this---just checking the "visual" mode didn't reveal the effect, i.e. the visual mode still showed the space between the paragraphs, even though it was gone on the post.
    And thank-you also, justpi, for the html grammar tip. Very helpful!

  6. Hi @beeholdn, The visual editor is not a true WYSIWYG editor, so the results for some code changes will not show up in the editor, so it is always best to preview changes to see what they are actually going to look like on the site before publishing - at least in cases where you are using formatting that is outside the formatting provided in the editor itself.

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