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Justified text: how?

  1. I'm wondering if it is possible, using templates such as "Regulus 2", to write justified text.
    And... Just another question: in the future will be added some new templates?

  2. There is no way to access the style sheet to include justified text and the use if inline styles will be stripped from the post so sorry no.

    Don't qoute me, but I believe there will be a few more templates available sometime in the future.

  3. I don't think it's difficult to add the "justified text" feature to the text editor, and I suppose that other users have my same problem. Maybe the administrators' team can fix this problem.
    Thank you for your reply, marc.

  4. what exactly you guys are talking about?

    do you mean just text blocks horizontal alignment or full fledged H&J (Hyphenation & Justification)?

    the former may be achived by (almost deprecated) transitional aligh="justify" inline attribute. it doesn't depend upon current theme being used (see a Lorem Ipsum Justified).

    the latter of course is impossible here -- WP ain't a MSWord.

    ps may become yet another cool paid feature ;-)

  5. Yes, options, the example you posted is exactly what I want. But I can't understand what should I do. Can you repeat me that?

  6. Use p element with align="justify" attribute. Example:

    <p align="justify">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Suspendisse id sapien. Curabitur eget massa. Maecenas tempor nunc eget felis.</p>

  7. Great!!! Works well, thanks!

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