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Justify alignment in posts.

  1. Hi

    I want to justify my text in posts. How to do it?


  2. There are 3 icons at the top of your editing box: align left; align centre; align right. Or you can do it by following the instructions there.

  3. There is as far as I know no way to justify text in a WordPress blog. You might play around with things like Blogdesk, HTML editor, etc to see if you could do it that way, though. That's all I can think of.

  4. Upgrading to CSS customization will allow you greater control over such layout.

  5. Couldn't you also do it manually with a div tag?:

    <div align='justify'>Some text about Britany and why it will show up at the Supreme Court someday</div>

    That's what the buttons are doing anyway.

  6. Yes and no, it depends on what is meant by the word 'justify', as it seems to have different shades of meaning to different people.

  7. Justify technically means to spread the text out so that the left and right margins are both straight up and down, with no ragged edges. I think that's what the person is asking for here.

  8. Then you cant do that in html, and thus not on a free wp blog, perhaps on an upgrade(?)

  9. We can do that in HTML. Please see my post a couple posts up.

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