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'justify' gone

  1. hello. until today the text on my blog was justified but today it looks all messy and i didn't do anything... and that happened to all my posts, what happened and how can i fix it? thanks

  2. I just looked at your posts in firefox 2 and the good news is that it looks just fine. Perhaps your are having a browser issue. Are you using IE 6 perchance?

  3. i use firefox 2.0 and i just tried it in IE and still the text isn't justified :(

  4. Weird .. in this post "Meciuri" the only part that isn't justified when I look at it is where you entered the link. It was too long for the space so that's to be expected. And again where you inserted the smiley I see a dropped line but that's to be expected too because of the smiley. Hopefully, someone else will come along and tell us what they see.

  5. here's how it looks to me:

    not 2 single rows justified :(

    i use '<div align="justify">' and it used to justify everything and also the text appeared smaller using that 'div'

  6. Please see if the information in this thread is helpful to you or not

  7. thanks... the only method in that topic is the one i also used and it used to work but for some odd reason it doesn't anymore

    edit: what's weird is that if you click on a post in my blog, it's justified, just on the front page it's not :|

  8. Yes, that's truly weird so I'd send in a feedback to staff with a link back to this thread.

  9. well, i managed to solve the problem. it seems it was the theme that did that. i used to have 'Sapphire' theme, and after i replaced it, everything's back to normal with my text

  10. I'm glad to hear you found a solution. :)

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