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Justify text in posts

  1. Can someone help me with what I need to change to add to my custom CSS to be about to justify the posts in the iNove theme. Thanks.

    Here is the raw inove theme css.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. In iNove, delete everything from the CSS edit window and then add only this.

    .post .content p {

    If you want to make other changes, then add only the specific selectors, and only the specific attribute definitions you are changing and make sure "add to existing..." is selected before saving. Do NOT paste the entire stylesheet into the editor. It will cause you problems, especially with iNove.

  3. Sorry to hi-jack your thread, but does anyone knows how to REMOVE the justification(is that a word?) from the Kubric -theme?

  4. Do you have the CSS upgrade? That is the only way to fix it permanently.

    You can do it on a post by post basis by selecting all the text once you are done writing and then apply "left" alignment via the editor tool bar.

  5. Yes, I have the CSS upgrade. So, I'd like to just test it out how the site would look like with non-justified text.

  6. I'm no CSS genius, but given the above, it seems reasonable to presume that

    .post .content p {

    Will do it. Try that.

  7. Thanks raincoaster but no cigar. Nothing chages.

  8. chages=changes.

    Please WordPress, bring the possibility to edit your posts!

  9. .post {text-align:left;}

  10. Thanks halluke, that did the trick.

    But now that I tested the left-aligned text, I'm not sure which one is better.

    Does anyone knows what's the consensus on justification in terms of readablity?

  11. Left aligned text is definitely better for readability. Other things to think about might be larger standard font size, increased line height spacing and liberal use of sub-headings. The things you are doing well so far: good font selection, good paragraph size (smaller paragraphs mean more whitespace) and good colour pairing.

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