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jvanderstam -- Plugging my blog thread

  1. I created my blog a few days ago and have since been adding to it regularly. This is my first blog site. I wanted to get one because I am a writer and I like to write things. This seems like a good medium for that kind of creative endeavour.
    On my blog: Your Drunk Guide to Parts Unknown -- you can expect a lot of dark-humoured commentary on topics like movies, music, the literary world and the pro wrestling world.
    Additionally, the other thing I wanted to achieve was a funnel effect for my various web-based communities I have created. You will find links to those other endeavours on this blog, and I encourage you to check them out.

    I am quite approachable so don’t feel shy about asking questions about anything, or leaving comments.


    The blog I need help with is


    Quite a bit of material added to my blog. Check it out. Especially if you are a wrestling fan or a fan of EBM/Industrial music. Won't always be so out of balance, but you gotta start somewhere.


    Adding some more poetry to my blog site. Stop by and have a read. Poetry inspired by pop-culture references, humour-darkly, and hopelessness.


    Updated my blog. New song of the day, and another blog about wrestling.

  5. I'll check yours if you do the same for mine.


  6. Done and done. Thanks for choosing little old me. Left a message on your abouts page I think. I've had a few drinks, but seems like a great idea.

  7. Switched up the theme from Monochrome to Hemingway. Think this is more eye catching in the way that my posts aren't running forever seemingly. This theme will allow some lattitude where a visitor can decide where to go without being absorbed by my excruciatingly long posts.


    Added some more Songs of the day, wrestling authorities links, and maybe going to do up another excerpt from the same piece as before.

  9. Updated some content. Looking for cross promotion opporunities? Contact me either on Facebook at:

    Or by email: [email redacted]

  10. I blog in several different places. These are the main ones:

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