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    Hey again! I have posted new photos to my blog, and for the first time the full, 4×6 images are appearing stretched out. If you could give me some feedback on how I can change my customizations to fix this problem or if it is a glitch in the theme, that would be great! I’d like to get this fixed asap :) It is not as noticeable in the first few images, but in the face shots and images lower in the blog it is noticeable. Thanks!



    The blog I need help with is mollyjomargaret.wordpress.com.


    Hi Molly, I checked http://mollyjomargaret.wordpress.com/ and the width of the photos I looked at don’t seem to be stretched. It’s possible this was already fixed or that you changed your posts to the problem isn’t showing. If you’re still having trouble, can you please point us to a link that shows a current example of the problem?

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