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    hello !

    i tried the new theme, k2-lite, and found it to be excellent, except for one thing : in the header, where you have the tabs with the pages you created, the first one is supposed to contain the word “blog”, or “home”, but in my case, the tab had absolutely no text in it, it was just a ~15 pixel-wide white zone.

    so my question is : is there some way to rename your home page like you would with other pages you create, or is it a bug ?



    It’s a bug. Send feedback :)



    Received :)



    The Links widget seems a bit off as well. It has a bullet point while the others don’t.


    that’s an issue with the links widget.
    it also looks stupid in the rounded theme.



    yay! It is fixed! :)



    yes, everything is great ! thanks for saving the day once more, wp people !!



    Scrambled – I noticed that when I was playing with K2 on my own hosted blog. It’s either the widget or the way that K2 interprets the widget. Either way I didn’t bother looking any further as I didn’t use the theme.

    Perhaps it’s something that the wp.com team could investigate for the blogs here though?



    YAY! I woke up this morning logged in and found the blank tab now said “blog” – good on you staff for fixing it and thanks. :)

    P.S. I’m sure you’ll eliminate those ugly black dots on categories referred to above as soon as you can so in between I’m trying not to notice them. ;)



    see my comment. it’s a problem with the widget. always has been. automattic refuses to acknowledge that a widget that violates the widgets API is broken. instead they leave it up to theme authors to write replacement widgets (if theme authors dare violate the perfectitude of the h2/ul sidebar structure). said replacement widgets somehow never managed to be added to the widgets core, because widgets are not a community project.



    AHEM gentle sirs,
    The ugly black dots problem was solved overnight. The links dots preceding them used to be all floated left thus the dots protruded into the main blog post area thereby looking unattractive. Now all the link titles are centered so the black dots are no longer ugly. In fact I think they look swell and I’m a happy camper. Problem solved. Example: http://timethief.wordpress.com


    solved appears to be relative:
    rounded still has problems
    and i doubt the kubrick guy is very happy with a bulleted centered UL in his sidebar, given that he stripped the bullets out of every other UL in k2.



    I’m adding tabs to my k-2 lite themed page and would like to either remove the tab marked “blog” or rename it. When i go to my page management area, there isn’t any mention of that page at all. ?? Can someone help?



    It’s hardcoded into the theme and you cannot remove it.

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