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K2-lite - calendar text color?

  1. I have the calendar widget on my sidebar and am not happy with the text vs. link color as for some reason they are the same. Is there a particular code where I can change the text and link color (or at least have it underline the link) just for that particular widget, without changing anything else on the rest of the sidebar? Thank you :)

  2. Just thought I should add that I do have the CSS upgrade.

  3. care to share your blog's url?

  4. Heh, not really. I know that makes it harder to help me, but I'd really rather keep it private.

    I'm just really looking or the code that, if possible, can change a particular widget's text/link attributes without changing the rest of the sidebar. Thanks :)

  5. well, to be able to give you the code that affects the calendar only, I needed to see your blog so that I could tell you what elements affect what.

    Anyway, all I can tell you then is that you'd need to find the element id or class that envelops your calendar, or if your calendar has an id or class, then you could do something like this:

    (id or class) selector a {
    properties you want it to have;

    Hopefully this will point you in the right direction.

  6. Thanks, devlog, but it's for the K2-lite theme, which doesn't have the selector id or class. Thanks, though!

    If you go to the main default blog you'll see the k2-lite theme. I haven't changed much from that on my personal blog, just the colors, the header, and some positioning attributes. Now what I'd like to is to specifically change the calendar link color.

    Thanks all!

  7. Thank you, changing your main blog to K2-lite makes it more easy to help you.

    Here, try this:

    To change the text color in your calendar

    #wp-calendar {
    color: [color you want];
    [add other properties you may want to have];

    To change the links color:

    #wp-calendar a {
    color: [color you want];
    [add other properties you may want to have]


  8. devblog - Thank you so much! You're awesome :).

    Just curious, how come those ID selectors aren't in the original style sheet? (Or at least, when I tried to look for it, I couldn't find it). How did you know that those are the ID selectors for the particular widget? Is that just common knowledge in terms of WP css?

    Also, now I think I'm just pushing my luck :D and/or abusing the forums, but is there a way to just change the attributes for the numbers on the calendar, and not the Month (e.g. "<< June" under the calendar on my main blog)?

  9. Sure thing.

    Now answering your questions. The selectors were not in the CSS, so yeah, you needed to add them. I find out what selectors to add/modify with a Firefox plugin called Aardvark. It's a very useful tool.

    To change the number only try this:

    #wp-calendar td {
    [attributes here];

    The month shouldn't change because it's being affected by other rules.


  10. Thank you, once again...

  11. Devblog,

    thanks for the Aardvark tip. That looks like something i need!

  12. Hi Judy, No problem! :)

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