K2-lite column widths?

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    I think I may have just missed them, or maybe I’m just blind, but where in the K2-lite stylesheet can I find the codes to change the column widths for the entries and the sidebar?

    I’ve changed the page and header widths accordingly, but now I also want to change the width of the sidebars (or the entries column?). Otherwise, the sidebar content stays on the side, but also moves beneath the entries. In other words, below the header, there’s a blank, white sidebar to the right of the entries, and below all that is a huge, blank, white area to the left of the sidebar.

    Thanks to whomever can help me out :)



    @sarablogs, I would suggest you edit your forum profile and link your blog to your username so that those in the forum can get to your blog easily to help with problems.

    At the top of the forum page: click “view your profile” then click “edit” and enter your blog address in the “website” box and then click “update profile.”



    claudecf – thank you so much! that was exactly what I needed.
    thesacredpath – I know this doesn’t necessarily work to my favor, and my questions thus far have required viewing my blog to answer, but I chose to not make my blog public. But thank you very for the tip :).

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