K2-Lite: Missing icons after changing CSS

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    I’m using the K2-lite theme. After making some changes to CSS (I’ve purchased the CSS upgrade), the small icons that came with the theme were gone. These include the clock icon and speech bubble icon under the title of each post, as well as the large open quotation icon (“) that appear on the left hand side of a blockquote.

    My blog: kevinsychan.wordpress.com

    The icons I’m talking about can be seen here: http://lazybug.wordpress.com/2008/05/24/should-i/

    Can anyone tell me how to get them back?



    Very simple, actually: You copied the whole Stylesheet into your Custom CSS. The references to the icons are not the same from the custom sheet’s location

    Locate lines like this in your custuom sheet and erase them (only when you don’t want them modified, of course):

    background:#eee url('images/quote.png') no-repeat 10px 0;



    Many Thanks, Deltafoxtrot! The icons are back now.

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