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    Hey everyone,

    Just to start, I have searched everywhere for an answer to this and have found similar but not the same. It seams since the last WordPress.com upgrade (since I haven’t had any issues before) whenever I publish a new post, my sidebar moves to the bottom of the page below all of my posts. I am on the K2 theme and have notices what might be causing it.

    A couple of weeks back I noticed the new div element tags in the code editor for the posts, which I have never noticed before. If I leave these tags in, the sidebar moves, however if I go in and edit manually deleting all the div tags, it stays normal.

    I am using the Firefox browser on a Mac, by the way. Has anyone else had the same problem and does anyone know how to solve it? You can take a look yourself at http://darjon.wordpress.com if you like.



    Set your blog to display only one page per post (options > reading) and then go through them one at a time to see which one is causing the issue. I don’t see anything immediately that looks like it is causing the issue.



    The More tag has been causing so many problems lately that if I were you I would avoid it entirely for the moment, unless you’re willing to comb through the code on every post to make sure it’s not doing anything wrong.

    What it primarily does is split a Div tag so that half is before the More and the closing is after it. This can cause exactly the error you see.


    The wordpress editor is so b0rked right now I cannot believe it. Interestingly enough, my “hacked” version of Safari 3 works better than Firefox or IE. I never have a more tag problem, or any of the other div tag problems.



    Thanks for the speedy and helpful replies everyone.

    @thesacredpath: I do know which post is causing it.. every single new one! And thats interesting.. Safari used to really muck up my posts so I switched to Firefox for my blog writing.

    @raincoster: Thanks for the advice.. I think I might have to. Is it just the K2 theme or is it all the themes at the moment? And also, why wasn’t it happening before but now is? And I didn’t notice the div tags before.. is there any reason why WordPress.com added them?

    Thanks for all the help, I appreciate it.



    Just checked and I have now realised that raincoster (above) was exactly right. It is definitely the more tag as I removed it from my latest post and saved it.. everything is normal now. Except for the fact that I have one huge, full post on my main page and about 5 other snippet ones!

    Does anyone know either how to fix the issue (until WordPress do) or at least an alternative to the more tag. I only want a snippet of each post on my home page.. not the full thing.

    Thanks again guys/gals.


    You can put an ending div tag before each more tag to solve it. In code view, find the last sentence before the more tag and between it and the more tag, put</div> and that should fix it for you.


    By the way, as I said, my version of Safari (3.1) has been sort of hacked so switching back to Safari for you or others at this point will not work.

    {wild speculation} Since WP 2.5 has been delayed by up to a few weeks, that will put the MU version used here at wordpress.com a little further out most likely. I’ve got my fingers crossed that that will take care of the editor problems that started with Safari only, but then recently moved over to Firefox and IE7 as well. Basically now, no one is immune from editor problems although the problems don’t seem to effect everyone.



    @thesacredpath: Thank you soo much! It worked! This is so much easier than manually going through and editing each post. I’m sure you do not realise just how much you have helped me. And interesting.. I hope they get it upgraded soon!

    Thanks again!


    You’re welcome and happy blogging and yes, hopefully the posting issues are fixed soon. We simply should not have to do a bunch of workarounds just to make a post on our blogs. WordPress is broken and has been for quite some time.

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