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K2 theme on

  1. Are there any plans to allow for the K2 theme on

  2. When it's finished we'll probably add it. A very slick theme.

  3. oh, please, please. This is one of the greatest themes out there in the pipe.

  4. You mean you won't be uploading the beta with a disclaimer?
    Pretty please?

  5. I find it interesting that K2 is not going to be available because it's not "finished," yet Hemingway was uploaded as a 0.1 alpha. What gives?

  6. Well I personally want all of those slick K2 pluggins. I believe they are actually a part of the K2 theme pack. If waiting for a final version of K2 means that we'll get those nice pluggins then I'm all for waiting.

    I'm not mistaken, K2 is much more than a simple wordpress theme?

  7. victoriacarolina

    Yeah. It's more like a fork of wp.

  8. k2 is more like the mother load of wordpress "themes". michael should offer an entire "wordpress install" bundled with k2 so users can get up and running one minute. (normal wordpress installs are two minutes right ;) )

  9. Oh, I understand the difference. I just find it amusing.

  10. please upload K2 theme

  11. Someone care to point me at K2 so I can see it please?


  12. I see no reason why k2 shouldn't be added; it meets the major critera of being two-columns with a blue header ;)

    (You know, I much prefer the layout of the Binary Bonsai page that links to the demo. If someone were to make that a theme, I'd have no complaints at all..)

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