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Kaleidoscope - Blog of the author Magdalena Wiklund

  1. Welcome In to My Place
    My name is Magdalena Wiklund, but please call me Maggie. I´m a multiple published author. In Australia I´ve contributed with some short stories in two anthologies, in English. My latest book, Verbal Pornography, is a collection of prose and haikus. That book is entirely in Swedish, and this is the first time Im standing completely alone as the author.

    About Kaleidoscope
    A kaleidoscope is a small tube with a mirror inside, reflecting coloured pieces of glass or pearls. When you twist the tube around the pearls move and create new symmetrical patterns, indefinitely. The kaleidoscope is both exciting and beautiful, but can also be biased. The only thing one can do is to keep on twisting the tube around.

    That´s also how life is – magnificent, interesting and wistful, a desert with mirages full of promises. Barefoot we stamp around in the sand, hoping to find a diamond. Mostly we stamp a small colourful piece of glass into our foot. Life can be so painful, but still we have to keep on swirling around – in the city looking for a new pair of jeans, between churches and synagogues to find ourselves, and in relations with others to find someone we can lose ourselves into again.

    It´s about that beautiful but sharp pieces of glass my blog is about. It is about missing the bus by 5 seconds having to walk all the way home, alone under a night grey sky, it´s about hot red love and piercing green envy. It´s about dark days when everything is going to hell, about broken pearls from old days. I write about the things that are purple, pink, orange, white, blue, black, green, red, lilac, about that little golden edge of everyday, about what´s brown, yellow and awfully ugly. I twist the reality – letting the pearls of life creating pictures in miscellaneous pieces of writing. And then everything transers into new patterns in my Kaleidoscope.

    Project 365 and My Posts
    I participate in Project 365, and committed to write one post everyday for the entire year of 2012. All my post are published at 4 pm UTC ± 00:00. That´s London time. I write about writing, and I write about people, places, happenings and things that inspires me to write. You´ll find stories, poems, haikus, writing exercises, observations from real life, dreams, fantasies, book reviews, causeries, prose, topics for discussions and my personal diary in my blog. And you are most welcome to comment or participate in the discussions at any time!

    I wish you Happy Reading!


    The blog I need help with is

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