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Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan problems

  1. schwartztronica

    My name is Christopher Schwartz. Besides being a personal blogger with WordPress (, I am the managing editor for the English site of, post-Soviet Central Asia's largest citizen journalism network, which is WordPress-enabled.

    Since two Saturdays ago, WordPress has apparently been blocked or otherwise inaccessible in Kazakhstan and to some extent Kyrgyzstan via all Web browsers with the exception of Opera. We are entering our third Saturday of blockage. KazakhTelecom, the largest provider in the country (and which overlaps into Kyrgyzstan) claims that this is merely a "technical problem". Meanwhile, neweurasia itself has been the target of what appears to be a spam-based denial-of-service attack.

    We're curious to hear from other WordPress users in the region whether they are having similar experiences and/or whether they have any information to share. Please leave a comment here or e-mail me: [email redacted]

    --- pусский ---

    Меня зовут Кристофер Шварц. Помимо того, что личный блоггер с WordPress (, я главный редактор для английского сайта, крупнейший гражданской журналистики постсоветской Центральной Азии сеть, которая WordPress с поддержкой.

    Так как две субботы назад, WordPress, видимо, был заблокирован или недоступные в Казахстан и в некоторой степени Кыргызстана через все веб-браузеры, кроме оперы. Мы вступаем в нашу третью субботу блокировки. Казахтелеком, крупнейший поставщик в стране (и который перекрывает в Кыргызстан) утверждает, что это всего лишь "технической проблемой". Между тем, neweurasia сама была цель того, что, как представляется, спама основан отказ в обслуживании нападения.

    Мы любопытно услышать от других пользователей WordPress в регионе, являются ли они с аналогичным опытом и / или есть ли у них сведения. Пожалуйста, оставьте комментарий здесь или по электронной почте мне: [email redacted] (простите за плохой перевод)

  2. Christopher,
    We volunteers have no access to behind the scenes operations. You'd be better off to contact staff directly about the issue.

    I'll move this to the Off Topic forum where people discuss issues other than technical problems with WordPress software.

  3. schwartztronica


    I already sent them a message. Oh, and I wasn't asking for behind the scenes operations; looking for experiences, any other information to share. :-)

    I fear if it ends up in the "Off Topic" area it will just be buried. Would you mind moving it to an area a bit less miscellaneous?


  4. Well, how about the showcase forum? Yours is truly not a technical question. Most folk come here to find technical assistance, not to discuss other issues, however important they may be. We try to keep these forums organized and useful.

    Also note that lots of people do look at both the Off-Topic and Showcase forums. They are both read by user.

    And link your name to your blog so people can find you without having to type in a url.

    2. How to make your name link to your blog:
    Go into your dashboard -> Users -> Personal Settings -> then scroll down to 'Account Details'. In the spot where it says 'website' fill in the address of your blog and save the changes.
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