keep getting spam comments.

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    Well i think they are, soon as i write and publish a post little while after im getting comments from a website, when i go to the website its got a part of the post on it and the comment has part of the post in it.

    I don’t understand why this is happening and the point of it either, can anyone explain this?

    The blog I need help with is


    It sounds like a trackback from another site that is picking up off of your RSS feed and may very well be a splog site (spam blog). Can you give us a link to an example of where this is happening (link to the site that did it)?



    Yes the site is called; [site removed by Trent – no need giving them traffic]



    Heres an example its taken part of my post on put it on there website;



    Is this good or bad?



    Because i didnt allow it.


    That is a splog. Notice how they insert a blog of ads into the bit of your post the stole? They are trying to use what you wrote to get people to click on the ads. Before long they will have the sidebar full of ads too.

    Take a look at this support document, , and you can also head over to for more information on splogging and related issues.



    Is there any easy way to stop this, also why am i receiving comments too from them? thanks.



    Because they want you to publish those comments on your site to advertise theirs – same reason anyone sends spam comments.

    Are they automatically arriving in your spam folder? If so, ignore them. If not, click the Spam button.

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