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Keep having to login

  1. If I close the browser window, I have to re-login to access my dashboard. It's messing up my traffic because I reply to comments by clicking on the link in the email notification...since I'm not logged in when I do that it counts it as a new visit. I changed my security settings to low and it didn't help. I added to the list of accepted sites. I cleared my cookies and history and tried again. Still isn't keeping me logged in. Any other suggestions?

  2. What browser and browser version are you using? What security programs as well please.

    I don't see this issue in Netscape 7.2 or IE 6. I login in the morning and I'm pretty much logged in during the day, no matter what I do with my browsers.

  3. IE 6. I can't tell you anything about the security programs though. This is my work computer and I have no idea what the MIS guys are using.

    What I do know is that the MIS guys didn't change anything to cause this. WP is the only website that I'm having this trouble with.

  4. Hi,

    I am having the same same problem. I am using Vista Home Premium with IE7 and it is set to allow cookies from My problem started about 2 weeks ago and I dont have this problem when visiting my regular forums or sites, just at
    I also use Norton antivirus 2007.
    Could you pls help?
    Thanks heaps

  5. [Deleted post - drmike]

  6. dirkgently,
    thank you so much for your reply however you did not answer my question.
    As I said, I am using IE7 and I dont want to use Firefox (been there done that). I used AVG pro for 2 years it is not the best, this Norton 2007 better than AVG Pro.
    Vista, errrr...I must be a lucky one as it has been running since day one and knock on wood I havent had any problems so far.

    anyways, I need a solution for IE7 please,

    thnaks heaps

  7. Just to confirm that there is something strange. I was happily using IE6 (my work doesn't allow me any other browser) until about two weeks ago, and now I have to login afresh every time.

    It's not a big deal - just mildly inconvenient - but I just wanted to support the view that something has changed somewhere and that it's not an isolated problem.

  8. Very strange, I'm using IE6 and haven't changed in a year, and I'm not having this login issue. If it's any help, I'm using the Dusk theme.

  9. I'm having a similar issues with IE7 (I already submitted feedback two weeks ago). Here's my setup:

    Windows Vista Home Premium
    McAfee Security Center v7.1

    I am also enabled to take cookies and I know that's working because I do not have this problem with any other site. Also, I've confirmed that I do not have this problem with Firefox v2.

    I've verified that it's not a Vista issue. I first experienced the issue around 3/6 when I got my new laptop with Vista installed. I went back to my old laptop using XP (which had always worked before) and I was having the same issue on XP at that point.

  10. Dirk, just for reference telling folks to get a different browser is not acceptable for these forums with the exception of Safari users with the editor. I've gone ahead and deleted the content of your post since it did nothing to help the situation. Please don't do it again.

  11. Ok...add me to the list. I'm having the same problem. I use AOL and Internet Explorer (what ever the latest version is) and I have to log in each time. This also started for me a couple of weeks ago.

  12. Nappy, just for reference, latest version means different things to different people. For me, the latest version of IE is the 8 alpha. For most AOL users, it's probably the version 5 built into their AOL software. Don't think it matters in this case but I wanted to mention it.

    Mark, any news?

  13. Cheers for that, sorry for trying to help

  14. drmike, mine is now back to normal as of 06 April. I'll report back if the situation changes again.
    Thanks heaps for your help, much appreciated.

  15. drmike--it appears that "remember me" is now working for me in IE7 since this morning. Between this and the widget fix, it's a good day!

  16. lots of problems with this as well... I have to log in every time I go to my dashboard

  17. I've never had any problems with this, but in the last 2 days I'm having to log in every 2 hours or so.

    I've always got a tab with my Dashboard open in FF [version and I'm on Windows 98, security is AVG] and anytime between 1 1/2 - 3 hours I'm being prompted to log in.

    I've not changed anything to my settings, I clear my cookies once a week [last time was on the weekend], but it was fine just after.

    Maybe completely unrelated, but I am also being logged out of selfhosted WordPress blogs. About 5 that I comment on I have registered with [to avoid the maths question or whatever else the latest trend in spam catching is] and it's the same thing, I also have to login. Any other of the 30 or so sites I have set to remember me are fine.

    Is it anything on my end as I'm also having problems with the selfhosted blogs? If so, are there any suggestions?

  18. *bump*

    Sorry for bumping this. Anyone got any suggestions? Please?

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