Keep old site while moving to own hosting?

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    This Sunday I will be moving my blog from the WordPress servers to my own hosting and own domain name. I just wondered if it is technically possible for me to set up my WordPress blog using my own domain name and non-Wordpress hosting, while also temporarily keeping the old site ( going until I’ve the new one right. I mean for an hour or two.

    And will it be possible for me to retain my current layout, use of widgets, etc., for the Ari theme I’m using?

    Apologies if these seem naive questions. But I’ve never done this sort of thing before. I would really appreciate any advice. I’m not a complete beginner in computing though, so the move should be okay in general.


    The blog I need help with is



    They’re completely independent, so you can keep them up separately as long as you want. We generally recommend setting the blog to Private, though, so it doesn’t interfere with your new blog’s SEO.



    Thanks raincoaster, much appreciated.

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