Keep as legacy blog after moving to self-host?

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    Greetings all,

    (note, no need to see my blog to answer this)

    I would like to do the following:

    Once is established and has a following, I will create a new self-hosted blog:

    I want to redirect traffic from to

    I know how to do that:

    But I still want to keep the blog and I want to “park” the contents of the blog at

    I also know how to do that:

    I will be posting to the self-hosted blog once it is active.

    What I want to do is to have the blog(which would then be at be updated automatically with posts and comments in real time.

    That is my question, but I would also like ot hear general advice or suggestions and if anyone else has tried something similar.

    Why do I want to do this? Without going into too much detail, This is long term thinking: I would like to test how successful the blog could be without paying for hosting and then after doing self-hosted for a while, might decide to revert back to the blog but I still want to keep the contents and keep it active without a hitch.

    I hope this is not too complicated a question.

    Thanks for the time

    The blog I need help with is



    It’s not complicated.

    But it IS a terrible idea.

    Duplicating content like that will cause Google and every other search engine to essentially throw BOTH blogs off a cliff in terms of ranking. It will not just not help you; it will actively destroy whatever search engine ranking you’ve built up over time.

    As for how to do it, the solution is to go the other way: post to first, and feed it via iFrame or RSS scrape directly into your other blog.



    Oh, that won’t carry over the comments, by the way. Nothing will except manually re-entering each comment with the email etc.


    Thank you,

    I need to familiarize myself with search engine rankings more it seems.

    What if I blocked one of the blogs from being accessed by search engines?

    Thanks for the rss scraper mention, exactly what I need.



    What we normally recommend is to make the blog private, which is what I’ve done with mine. Theoretically, setting it so it’s not accessible by search engines should accomplish what you want.

    Better yet: import only a snippet, ie set your feed to an excerpt rather than Full Posts, and then each external post has a Read More link that goes to your blog.


    Thank you for the various options. It has been very helpful. I have one more related question regarding the order of the domain rigging.

    does it matter whether I redirect traffic from to first or move the contents of the blog to first?

    What happens to the content on a blog when the traffic is redirected ot a new and different self-hosted blog? Is it accessible through the user account and is it assigned some new generic address by default?

    Once again, I appreciate all the help.

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