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keeping 2 blogs, want separate profiles

  1. I have a personal blog, that I'd like to be a bit more "anonymous", and a blog that I've set up for a group, where everyone knows me. When I edit my profile info, it goes into both blogs. Is the only way to have two different accounts, to use two different email addresses? I'd like to have the two be completely separate, but using the same email.

  2. You can't have them separate but sharing an email. It just won't work. You need two accounts, and that means two emails. You may or may not be able to forward from one email to the other automatically; that depends on your email program and settings and so on.

  3. Thank You. I was afraid of that. Who's got the best free email?

  4. gmail, no question.

  5. Thanks again. Have a good one.

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