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    This is probably a very unlikely thing, but I’m using the “Top Posts & Pages” widget and displaying 20 posts based on Likes. It’s a nice widget for showing posts that people seem to enjoy, but the unusual thing is that my “about” page also allows people to “Like” my little biographical post and that’s my #1 post and/or page. It’s not really what I had in mind for this widget – I’d like just actual posts in there, even if people Like my “about “page.
    Is there a trick that I can use to filter out this one particular page from the results?


    The blog I need help with is



    I would LOVE to have this ability! Unsurprisingly this has been previously requested and more than once.


    It’s good to know I’m not alone on this :-)

    Maybe someone will add this to the list and offer it some day? It’s not really that big a deal – more of a wish than anything else.



    Yea, people do check my About Page often enough. Really…it’s just common sense. We just need an extra line of code..and we the blogger, fills in the first word or 2 of the title for the page we want excluded.

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