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keeping a post at the top

  1. Is there a way for me to keep a post at the top of my blog, anchor it, so to speak, so that it won't get bumped down the page by subsequent updates? An announcements type deal.


  2. can't do it, if i'm not wrong. the only workaround is to edit the timestamp.

  3. Agreed. The onlt other option is to make a static Page (along with a blank page for posts) and assign that to be the front page for your blog at Dashboard -> Options -> I think i'ts General.

    This really needs to be a FAQ.

  4. If it's small, you could put it in a text widget on the sidebar, although that's not quite as featured as in the main column.

  5. realityphilosophy

    I created the About Me page as the Main Page. Subsequent posts appear on Page 2. Thus way, all new posts are relegated to page 2 and beyond, while my introductory page remains
    static until and unless I decide to change it in the About Me edit section. to see what I did.


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