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Keeping a post at top of the list of posts

  1. How can I keep my first post at the top of my list of posts in the right hand column? (I'm using Elegant Grunge).
    My blog is named after a recipe, and I'd like that recipe to be available in the list of recent posts so visitors don't have to trawl through the blog archive. I know about making the post 'sticky', but I'd rather just have the title of the post listed under Recent Posts.
    Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Set that post as a sticky post.

  3. naturewomanbydesign

    you could use a link to it on the side

  4. I did set it as a sticky post, but thats not the result I'm after, I just want the title in the posts column on the side, not the whole post.

    I'm not sure how to link it to the 'recent posts' column, but I'll have a go. Any hints?

  5. Sorry, when you said top of list of posts, I assumed you meant the posts shown on the main page, not in the recent posts widget. You cannot "sticky" something at the top of the recent posts widget.

    Create a text widget and put a link to the post into it and place it above the recent posts widget.

  6. Hi, thank you! Done it. I expect I'll fiddle around with it for a few days. Thanks again.

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