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    I have a Mac and am using their iWeb for my website. I have the ability to create a page and embed any source code from any blogsite into that page so every time I make a post to my WordPress blog it appears on my site’s page. I’ve seen other Mac users iWeb sites and their blogs are updated instantly but mine doesn’t work. Am I doing something wrong? Or is there something in the embed code I need to remove so it will remain live?

    Here’s what I do: I open my blog from my browser, Command U, copy ALL of the source code, open my iWeb page, open the HTML widget feature and paste the source code into it. Then I republished my iWeb page. If I don’t do that with every single post I make, my blog remains static on my site. Something’s wrong. Can anyone help me? Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is


    After you go to your blog, but before you copy and paste, are you doing a “view source” (page source in Firefox) from the view menu and then copying everything from there?


    Hi, I do the Command U on my Mac keyboard which brings up the source code on any page I’m on. I just looked on my Firefox View Source like you mentioned above and it is the same command keys as I’ve been using, Command U.


    The main problem might be that wordpress.COM blogs don’t really have any HTML files. WordPress is written (the bulk of it anyway) in PHP script, and when a page is requested, the PHP script files actually build the HTML for the requested page “on the fly”. Each time you make a change to the main page (add a post, move, add or remove a widget, change themes, etc.) wordpress will create new HTML for the main page.

    At iWeb do they give you the option of simply entering a URL? If so, you could try entering . Index.php is the file that actually creates the main blog page.


    If I create a link button I could put that on my site but I had it set up so I had a page dedicated to being the blog page on my website.

    What you offered makes sense and seems to be the culprit. Looks like I’ll need to rebuild my site using Kompozer or something.

    Thanks for your insight and help. You cleared up my confusion.

    Have a silly day~


    You’re welcome, and sorry it wasn’t the answer you had hoped for.

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