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Keeping front page totally static

  1. i am sure this is covered but in an hour of reading i haven't found it. how do i keep the front page of an installation totally static? i have it clicked inside the dashboard but new posts still appear over the basic text i have there which is a welcome and instruction thingy. i don't need every post to appear at the top of the index page. in fact i don't want the index page to change as far as text appearance other than showing incremental increases in the number of posts elsewhere over in the nav section, and also how do i set permissions for people to be able to upload small photos to go with posts? i know everyone is really busy so i want to thank those that take the time to respond to me up front.

  2. I guess what you want is something like I did to my own blog.
    First, make a page for your front page. Publish it and go to your Dashboard - Option - Reading. Choose "A static page" and select the page you want as your Front Page and Update Options.

    how do i set permissions for people to be able to upload small photos to go with posts?

    I dont get it. Is that people the user of your blog? Maybe FAQ can help you more :)

  3. i did that already, the new posts still appear above it, that was why i posted

  4. as far as the photo thing goes this is a public blog, sort of a discussion board, so all registered users are allowed to author, we just remove anything we find offensive or libelous, it is for a small colorado ski town

  5. Could you put your URL address, please?
    I can't help you if I can't see it. :(

    many thanks!! this is something i am doing for a friend to help out, i used to live there

  7. @kardworx This is not a hosted blog. And we provide support here only for bloggers with hosted blogs.

    If you downloaded software from then know that it is different from our software. The correct forum to ask your questions in, in that case is here http://wordpress/org/support

    References that summarize the differences between and products, features and services

    HTH :)

  8. i never said it was hosted here. i was just asking how to keep subsequent posts from pushing down the original post which shouldnt be so hard to answer, but thanks anyway

  9. and i think i fiirued it out, the subsequent posts can go to the some background page

  10. @karworx
    If you had said you were not hosted here at the outset then the volunteers who provide service to bloggers only could have directed you to the forum you belonged in much more quickly.

    I'm glad to hear you "figured it out". Please post whatever other questions you may have in the correct forum

    Happy blogging. :)

  11. i still have no idea how to set permissions for people to be able to stick up a small image but i guess i will figure that out eventually also, a few years ago when i set up and early version setting that up was very obvious in the set up

  12. @kardworx
    Apparently you do not understand what I said above.
    I'm sorry but I repeat we cannot help you with this.

    If you are self-hosted and using software then please go to forum.

    Please read the sticky posts at the head of the forum.
    One sticky post at the head of the forum -
    7 things to know before posting to the forum

    Another sticky post at the head of the forum - or - the difference

  13. it would also be nice if i could choose how things were ordered instead of them appearing alphabetically, the most important topic here is town politics but it falls at the bottom of the alphabetical list. it certainly isnt completely controllable. i would be glad to help you guys if you ever want to add search engine computability to your product however

  14. @ kardworx
    timethief just trying to tell you that sometimes people who installed their own wordpress on their own host often ask the right question but in the wrong forums. Clearly, this forum is for the and no support provided for those who use wordpress downloaded from

    If your blog hosted here, on, it should be easy to keep the front totally static, just like what I did to my own blog.

    Glad to know you figured it out. Happy blogging :)

  15. @kardworx
    Go to for support. You are in the wrong forum.
    We cannot help you here. We run on different software than the software that you have downloaded from

  16. and i was wrong
    apparently i cant keep a static front page. i set it up to post things to a different page and keep the front page static and it still posts things there.
    i guess the bottom line is it sucks and maybe i should try one of the other blogging products available from the hosting company?

  17. Obviously you are not reading what I am posting because you can't read the information at the links I posted as fast as you do and return without any indication of understanding of what I said in your posts.

    This is the scene: I'm typing my hands off and posting links that have information that you are not even reading. Meanwhile you are blithely ignoring everything I say and posting more stuff. Sheesh ... this is not the way to go.

    Please stop posting to this forum. It's the wrong forum for the software you have.

    Please go -> and post there. It's the correct forum for the software you have.

    Best wishes :)

  18. wow

  19. dude i am sorry
    i am just under a lot of pressure
    i am sorry to have annoyed you so deeply
    i am recovering from an auto wreck and sitting here
    in a lot of pain, thats my problem not yours, but you are right
    i am glancing over things, and i apologize to you
    my log-in doesn't even work over there but i can set up a new one

  20. @kardworx
    I was not annoyed. I was just frustrated because you didn't seem to be reading anything I posted.

    Get well soon and be sure to post to where you can get the help you need for the software that you have.

    Best wishes for happy blogging and BTW I'm no dude - I'm a lady. :)

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