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    …I can’t seem able to do that. I.e. if I paste something I wrote elsewhere to this site – something with different sized fonts and text colour, for instance – it doesn’t keep these things the same when copy them here.

    Also annoyingly, if I highlight an individual line in the text copied here, for example, and try to make it look it more like the source document, it won’t work. E.g. say that the source document has a heading in bold…well, if I highlight that heading (which is not in bold here) and press the “bold” icon the ENTIRE document comes out in bold!

    That is silly.

    Sure there are easier ways to do stuff like this?

    Let me know, please!

    The blog I need help with is



    Copy/pasting actually introduces all kinds of code tags that you can’t necessarily see. It causes problems, and it’s always better to paste it as plain text and then format it using the buttons. If you are going to copy/paste, at least go to Settings->Writing and make sure you’ve selected “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML” which will prevent those hidden tags from causing code errors on your blog.



    It did occur to me after I posted this that maybe I wouldn’t have had that problem if I had the page in “Text” mode, not “Visual” or whatever they are called.

    It would be a pain though having to go through the document again to bold or change text colour where appropriate.

    Also noticed something else which annoyed me…I posted a picture in the document and it didn’t display. Other documents I’ve saved did show pictures, so not sure why that is an issue.

    A topic for another thread…I’ve noticed that some stuff I’ve transferred to this site doesn’t display properly…you’ll miss half of the text or whatever, compared to the source text.

    * Anyway, thanks for the tip…will have to try that out and see if that helps.

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