Keeping my side bar while navigating pages and posts?

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    Ok, how do I keep my side bar while people navigate pages and posts, I common complaint I get on my blog is that when people click from on a post, they have trouble figuring out how to navigate back, however my concern is that by loosing the side bar, if someone is linked to a page by lets say google, they will not see my contact widget.

    Is there a way to have my widgets continue to show/make the side bar appear on more than just my main page

    all help appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is


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    That function is built into the theme you are using. Even CSS won’t change it. You could explain in each post that the title will take the reader back to the home/front page, or switch to another theme. Most themes keep the sidebar on pages, posts, and single post view.


    The single post page (gotten to from clicking on a post title or the comment link in a post) does not display the sidebar in the theme you are using. That is the way the author designed the theme you are using. Your visitors can get back to the main post page by clicking on the blog header image/title (standard feature on the web) or by clicking on their browser back button.


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