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Keeping post at top of page

  1. Can I post to my blog and then keep that post at the top of the page; all subsequent posts being below the first in the normal way?


  2. i think you could through options at dashboard, then select reading. if that is not that one you're after, then the only way is to edit the timestamp which can be tedious.

  3. Hmm, thanks Sulz.

    But my dashbord doesn't have a "Reading" tab.


  4. sorry i meant go to dashboard, click options, then click reading and edit from thr.

  5. ~Garside: Yes, you can keep one post first/on top/sticky, it's quite easy. Change the date stamp to, for example 2007 --or '08 --or if you are Deep optimist: 2020! Then set back to current for subsequent posts. Dontcha know, Sulz & I like to meet here, late nite, and tag-team posting-order questions, lol! Bon Apetite.

  6. Changing the date stamp messes up the permalink url. What we need is the ability to make a post a sticky one.

  7. Doesn't the static page do this... I am not sure, as I haven't used it. But there is an option for you to keep one page as static.


  8. i current have a page where it's reversed chronology as garside wanted. all i did was edit th page and write the latest at the bottom of it, because the page is about a process of a project i'm doing. so one could do that if they don't have a particular timestamp for their subject.

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