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Keeping up with new themes

  1. Even though you've stuck happily to your present choice Word Press theme, do you keep up with the newest, latest themes. Wish I had time to fully experiment with some new ones, but don't.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. As much as I love some of the new themes, it's always a big hassle changing, especially when you have photographs.

  3. I experiment in test blog with almost every new theme that's introduced. I choose not to use featured images despite the fact that's appears to be a selection criteria for Freshly Pressed, because they must be the correct dimension for each theme and I'm not married to a theme. I change my theme when I feel so inclined and I don't a want the hassle involved in resizing featured images images to fit the themes I change to.

    My screen resolution is 1024 x 768. Despite the fact Staff appear to select Freshly Pressed posts that have HUGE images in them I dislike HUGE images period. It's a turn-off to click into a blog and be faced with images sized for TV screen viewing. I never follow such blogs. instead I click out never to return again.

    I'm likewise cautious about posting large images into posts or pages on my blogs for the same reasons ie. the maximum displayed image widths vary from theme to theme, and sidebar widths vary from theme to them too.

    When it comes to the carousel feature, which we cannot disable, it has completely changed my experience of viewing full-sized images on blogs. I used to be able to click on an image once and see it immediately at full size.

    Now after clicking the image I find I am in the black rabbit hole each and every time I want to see an image at full size, and then have to click a permalink to view the full size each image. As Staff state the carousel is under development I am not using it all on any blog I visit. Hopefully, there will be a means of opting out of having that feature soon.

    I don't mind creating new custom image headers. In fact, I like creating new ones frequently even if and when I don't change themes. :)

  4. I would love to try Nuntius theme more often but fear I'll just get trapped in readjusting photo sizes on a private experimental test blog of mine.

    I had no idea that Autofocus theme made a photo collage instantly of lst pics per blog post on a landing home page.

    It's just not worth my free time right now, if there is a huge experiment time committment. But at least I should become vaguely aware of certain common features in newer theme designs so that when I do have to select another theme, I can narrow down my choices.

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