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Kick the can

  1. I can say it has actually been-because I've been a lazy bones
    but now I can say "better shake a leg" can you?

  2. I can't. It's a blind freezy night here, 1.30 a.m.

    I can say I want to sleep but hardly can. Can you?

  3. I can say that I didn't sleep well last night
    I can say dammit I've got to do my housework can you?

  4. I cannot since I have a home not :-p

    i can say i was just freaked out. Can you?

  5. my boss can say I'm the freaker outer
    I can say this forum is getting too frisky for me can you?

  6. I can only say that I jump, roll, and clap all the time whenever I'm in this forum.

    I can say this morning was horribly lousy to me. Can you?

  7. I can say it wasn't the best
    I can say I wanna have a nice dream tonight can you?

  8. I can say I hope it's not just a dream.

    I can say i'm in the midle of nowhere I think I got lost. Can you?

  9. No I can't, since I'm sitting in my basement on the computer.

    I can say (based on the lack of information that's not about men having my injury) I think I'm the only female ever to have given myself an inguinal hernia while doing yard work. Can you?

  10. ow, I cannot I'm glad to say, I hope that gets sorted for you.
    I can say I'm feeling smug can you [I am unlivable with when I'm smug]

  11. I can't. Cheer up, GD! It's weekend right?

    I can say I need some more coffee.

  12. dammit

    ...uhm, can you?

  13. never have enough coffee I can say, only the instant kind will do
    I can say my computer is just about driving me nuts with pop ups that you can't damn well get rid of-just when you are typing in summat I'm gonna take this to grrrrrr, ah can you?

  14. Obviously can not. I blog from cell phone/ wire/ hand phone ;)

    I can say I posted 4 entries today which made it the most active blogging day of mine but the stats :-/ Can you?

  15. I can see you have been busy-cor those pics, and you,ve got more to come
    I can say I'm afraid only you and me are keeping this thread going can you?

  16. Hah! I can say that easily.
    I can also say that may be a moderator should start considering to close this particular thread. Can you?

  17. maybe I can
    or, I can say if both of us refrain it will die the death perhaps can you?

  18. aww

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