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kicked out of safari

  1. Has anyone had difficulty checking stats on safari? Safari crashed at least 4 times while I tried to check blog stats--doesn't happen on firefox and no problems on other sites on safari.

  2. I've had the same problem in the past couple of days ... and in the past few hours, it's started crashing Safari whenever I try to put up a new post and whenever I try to go directly to my Dashboard. I can still approve posts, but as soon as the post is approved, Safari crashes again. Usually when I complain about a problem with Safari, I am told to switch to Firefox. I can't switch to Firefox on my iPod, which I use for all my online work when I travel. And every time WordPress "improves" or "upgrades" something, it introduces MORE problems with Safari. It's very frustrating.

  3. greeneyedgirl6

    I only use Safari and haven't seen a problem recently. Do you have the latest version of Safari? Maybe it could be that.

  4. Which version of Safari? Is this on a Mac or PC? Have you updated Leopard to 10.5.3? I just checked stats with Safari 3.1.1 and saw no problem.

    Several staff members use Safari so we usually find and fix problems quickly.

  5. I have 10.4.1--have never had this problem until yesterday.

  6. Sorry, you asked about safari, not mac os--I have Safari 2.0.4

  7. I just tested Safari 2.0.4 on your stats page and it works fine for me.

    The stats pages use Flash to display graphs. If you're not running the current version of the Flash player you could try upgrading it:

  8. The same thing is happening to me, but I think it might have something to do with the failure thing that is affecting everyone else. (See sticky.) Yes?

  9. Using Safari 2.0.4 and having the same problem since 12 hours ago. Didnt have this problem previously.

  10. Which "same problem" are you talking about?

  11. crystalabbegraham

    I am having a problem with Internet Explorer ... readers to our blog are getting kicked out of their Internet when on our site. I'm not having the same problem when on Firefox.

  12. There are some ongoing network issues still affecting some users. That has nothing to do with Safari or stats.

  13. "same problem" refers to constant crashing of safari when I attempt to write a new post or go into the dashboard.

  14. suzannebellerive

    After I log into my blog, Safari crashes. It's happened numerous times today, but has never happened before. I've tried using a different user account (today) and had the same thing occur.

    I guess I am glad to see that it isn't just me, which means WordPress may fix it.

  15. Are the safari crashes all with version 2.0.4? Do they only happen on particular dashboard tabs?

    Try this: Safari / Preferences / Security, un-check the 'Enable plug-ins' box. Does the problem still occur with plug-ins disabled?

  16. suzannebellerive

    Tellyworth -- not sure if your question was for me, but if it was:
    yes it's version 2.0.4 on a Mac; the crashes happen when I try to post a new entry.
    I tried disabling the plug-ins box, and also going to the site from another user account, but neither made any difference.

  17. Same issue with suzannebellerive. The problem persists even after I disabled the plug-in.

  18. greeneyedgirl6

    I'm running version 3.1.1 and not having any problems

  19. I've finally upgraded to the newer version safari and the problem stopped.

  20. Today whenever I login to a new blog I created Safari crashes. I have used WordPress for around a year with a different blog and never had this problem until today. I would use Firefox but that program still doesn't work correctly on my mac. I am running version 2.0.4 on a Mac and even tried to disable plug-in thing.

  21. Just trying to load the "new post" page CRASHES Safari, every single time.
    Worked Friday, and every day before that.

    New Post won't load at all on Firefox. Well, I gave up after 5 minutes.
    9:30 EDT.

    Hey, maybe they're FINALLY fixing the:
    - damm layout
    - image tools
    - and everything else they broke with the 2.5 "upgrade"

    Hey, how about relying LESS on flash.
    I prefer my blog to actually WORK than be all whooshy and crap.

  22. Oh and Safari 2.0.4 here too.
    It's a video editing machine so once everything works well,

    And it all worked before today (for me anyway) so WordPress has clearly changed something.
    i.e. they broke it.

    So , how about they fix it.

  23. Have you reported it? Do so via your Dashboard; that works fastest.

  24. suzannebellerive

    I've written to Support, and they've answered that they are working on this.
    Let's hope it doesn't take too long to fix; I am losing blog momentum!

  25. Yeah, I've also had some issues with Safari. I was trying to learn more about this hilarious site I was checking out the other day called, and it wouldn't allow me to log in.

  26. I've reported it, but no replies.

  27. We were just able to track this down to an incompatibility between Safari 2.0.4 and jQuery 1.2.5. We're not sure why it happens, but at least we know where.

  28. I received a few e-mails this morning (I was out of the office yesterday) and WP found the problem which was with NEW code they had implemented. (what is it about "new" stuff being worse than what we had?)

    Anyway, they told me that they pushed out a "patch" at 1p on Tuesday.

    At 10p the told me they pushed out _another_ patch.

    At 11p they related "our 'fix' broke theme previews and theme switching, so we had to revert it."

    No news since Tuesday June 3 at 11p.

    It's still broke as of Wednesday 8a EDT.


  29. 12p on Thursday.
    Still doesn't work.

    And no new e-mails from the WP folkes.

    How many days is it now?

    I mean, if you add new code and it makes the entire site completely unusable for an entire class of browsers, wouldn't you just REVERT THE DAMM CODE? until you test it and come up with code that doesn't break functionality?

    Or do you just leave it broken for days...
    Which is what they've done.

    What new functionality is so incredible that it is worth completely alienating all Safari users?

  30. I'm a Mac user, had OS 10.4.10. Everything that had to do with my blog worked perfectly with Firefox. Last few days Safari (2.0.4) would crash every time I opened the dashboard. Just downloaded and installed the 10.4.11 upgrade, which includes Safari 3.0.4: problem gone.

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