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kicked out of safari

  1. We rolled out new code to fix bigger problems with the old code (that's why we didn't roll it back). Several attempted fixes for the Safari 2.0.4 problem either didn't work or caused other problems.

    There's a bug report filed at jQuery but no results there yet (

  2. well, for users who rely on Safari, and can't go installing system updates that, like the jQuery update, cause other problems, we anxiously await a solution.

  3. A week and a half- still broken.

  4. I'm having this problem also. I upgraded safari as was suggested somewhere else I was looking for ideas and although I was able to finally log in as soon as I tried to write anything I was kicked out again.

  5. If it helps in the meantime, I believe Camino and Flock work well with right now.

  6. I'ma mac user, just joined WordPress full of enthusiasm for a new blog but Safari crashes constantly with it. I might just give up now before I've even written anything!!!

  7. meadowsage: Which OS and which version of Safari?

  8. heathermeyersphotography

    same boat - set up my blog swiftly on Windows on a work computer and then eagerly go home to my Macs, only to get depressed........ dashboard without exception

  9. Safari 2 is a problem, but Safari 3.x.x works just fine for me.

  10. If you're running 10.3.x, Safari 3 will not work for you (requires 10.4.11 or later), and in that case, the new Firefox 3 seems to work quite well.

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