Kindly Stop Making Choices For Us!

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    The best thing about WordPress bloggers is the variety. New ones, fancy ones, simple ones, ones with alot of comments, ones with none. But I want to be able to decide which of the thousands of blogs I want to follow so I am offended and annoyed that with the new Reader, YOU choose what you feel is “the best”. It’s such a subjective decision, one I prefer to make on my own. WP makes it very difficult to see beyond, to dig in and find a gem and that’s a crying shame.

    It seems as of late, many of our site defaults and our viewing choices are being taken away. Please let US make choices and decisions that are right for our blog. And most of all, please bring back the old Topics page. I found NOTHING more rewarding than to trip across someone new, someone funny, someone clever.

    The blog I need help with is



    Staff care respnding to feedback on the Topics page issue and the Reader issue in this thread which you can post into >


    @EOS I mostly agree with you, but a better way of following blogs is to use an RSS feed in something like Google Reader. Or even bookmarks! :)



    We are currently directing those members creating threads on the Topcis page issue and on the Reader issue to post into the thread Staff are monitoring and responding to members in. As that thread is open for posting to threads like this one are then being closed.


    Hi Val!! Miss you. My point is that I find some of the best blogs tripping across one accidently. I don’t know who I want to follow unless I have the opportunity to see everyone out there. It’s a big beautiful magical world of blogs and I want the choice to be mine. That’s all.



    I believe I got your point when you first posted. However, it matters not whether we Volunteers get your point. It matters only that Staff actually read it. Staff do not read all threads on this forum so please post your point into the thread they are monitoring if you want it to be noticed by Staff.

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