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Kubrick Border Issues

  1. I have no idea why this happened, but my blog doesn't look like what it used to. Did something change on the Kubrick theme? Unfortunately, I can't remember exactly how things looked before... but now my theme seems to be messed up.

    If you look at my blog, there is now a grey border around my custom image header. I don't think this used to be there. Instead, I think the white ran flush to the edge of the page. However, this border also appears at the bottom, which now makes me really confused... as it makes it look like the page content is somehow extended over the border.

    I think that I remember the kubrick frame having nice roundend corners, and my header image fit right inside of it. I don't remember the extra square-cornered grey border that is there now.

    I swear I'm not crazy... but does anyone know what's going on?

  2. Oh and yes, this blog is hosted on and no, I am NOT using custom CSS.

  3. Same thing seems to be happening to other Kubrick blogs... I guess I'll file a ticket

  4. Yesterday or the day before we had a report from carocat who also has a non-customized blog. She was reporting grey borders suddenly appearing around images that were aligned to the left but not on those aligned to the right. Perhaps backend changes are going on to do a Kubrik theme upgrade that we haven't been told about yet.
    I wouldn't send in a feedback today myself I'd wait for a couple of days and see what happens.
    IMO it has improved the appearance of your blog but beauty is subjective, isn't it? In any event it certainly didn't become "ugly" or dysfunctional so this isn't really urgent, is it?

  5. I've got the same problem and it looks pretty silly. I checked the stylesheet, and for some reason it shows the headerimage as "height:192px; width: 740px;" Since custom headers in Kubrik should be 760x200, this seems to be causing the problem.

    Hope they look into this!
    And no, I do not have the custom CSS upgrade, or I'd do it myself.

  6. I'm going to have to go with mott on this one... IMO it definitely looks silly right now. It's not so much the extra border that I mind (although I did like it the way it was) but the inconsistency with the main body of the page.

    I'm happy to wait a few days to submit a ticket, but I'm embarassed letting people look at it... and I just made a big push for people to come!

  7. that's pretty ugly.

    i'm not sure why they're 'upgrading' the theme when support isn't open.

    i'd suggest switching themes for a couple days. if it's the rounded corners you like, check out rounded v2. if it's the kewl blue links, check out k2 lite (by the same designer).

  8. There are some folks who hate the Kubrik theme. They tend to think it and the silk icons used in it are ugly so they never hesitate to take a kick or two at the theme whenever they can. Actually sunburntkamel and I are among them.
    I believe some support staff are working. The feedback buttons aren't there but for urgent matters we can email support at wordpress dot com
    Also I am not convinced that any readers, who come to your blog seeking content, are likely to be put off by little border and corner changes to your theme.
    I give full recognition to the fact that this is a support issue but IMO it isn't an urgent one. Your blog is functioning and the aesthetics are not entirely displeasing. :)

  9. I have the same on my blog as well. Apparently Kubrick theme in not functioning properly to all of us. And it looks pretty ugly, especially the footer.

  10. Spero che il problema si risolva al più presto perchè il blog così è inguardabile. Ho sempre lavorato con "KUBRICK" e non ho intensione di cambiarlo e ho acquistare crediti!

    HELP ME!

  11. My header and footers have been restored to their proper size and position.

    Problem has been resolved. Thanks!

  12. I had an issue with the custom css suddenly not working anymore with Kubrick a while back. I was using a custom background --basically replacing the blog pages background with the post pages background. Doing this made the sidebar white instead of grey. Now it is no longer possible to do it. There were changes to the code, but so far refuses to tell me what how or why. It's frustrating.

    I have added this to feedback a few times. Lloyd finally mailed me back, but gave no solution at all, but to check the forums. I have been for some time now. This happened a month or two ago, but I just got a response. Actually, I got a response from Matt too, when I initially reported the bug, but he kind of blew it off.

    Barry or Mark, please email me. As many times as we've talked over email, you ought to know my email address.

  13. Funny, but today it works. Yesterday, the same exact technique did not. Perhaps somebody debugged this in

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