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Kubrick by Michael Heilemann custom header issue

  1. I'm using the Kubrick by Michael Heilemann. I followed the directions and uploaded an image exactly 760 x 200. The upper round corners do not appear correctly now? I even right clicked and "saved as" the default image for theme and tried using that image and when I do, the upper corners still do not appear rounded as in the plain default template? Any advice. I would like to fix this before I really start using the blog.

  2. Please post the link to your blog so we can see what's going on. Better still, if your blog is not "private" and does not have "mature" contents, then
    link your username to your blog



  4. The header looks fine. I see you've rounded the corners yourself; the white space has square corners, of course. I think the original image has rounded blue corners and white background, and that may be why it appeared to have rounded corners in the space for the header.

  5. Yay! another happing ending. :)
    Will you please mark this thread "resolved"?

  6. Not quite resolved.

    If you compare the bottom and top corners you'll see that the top corners look off. In an earlier version I downloaded/"saved as" the default image which has rounded corners and put my design in the middle of the default image and re-uploaded and it looked off, the corners that is.

    I can send you/anyone the default and my image so you can see for your self.

    Is there anyone that I can e-mail?


    I think it looks fine. If you don't then note that support will not be open until tomorrow

    Setting that aside, I hope you have read the ToS - (section 2, 5th bullet) blogs cannot be used to drive traffic to third party sites and we are not allowed to advertise on blogs

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