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Kubrick CSS anomaly

  1. I am using the Kubrick CSS to learn, well, CSS, but in particular the architecture of WordPress. At any rate, while moving things around, I noticed this (in the original):

    <br /> ,post h2 {<br /> text-align: left;<br /> }</p> <p>h3 {<br /> padding: 0;<br /> margin: 30px 0 0;<br /> }</p> <p>h3.comments {<br /> padding: 0;<br /> margin: 40px auto 20px ;<br /> }<br />

    (I hope my code markups worked!)

    When viewing in Notepad++, the "error" (assuming it is one) becomes clear: the initial comma. Whether Notepad++ parses CSS perfectly, I have no idea, but the comma, placed as it was, caused "post" and "h2" (as well as the following "h3") to lose their status as selectors. (Anyhow, anyone with Notepad++ can copy/paste that into their editor to see what I mean.)

    So, is this an error? I can't help but assume it is. Furthermore, what was supposed to be there?

  2. Of course, my code markups only worked halfway. :)

    At any rate, I have noticed something else that bugs me. I can copy and paste the entire Kubrick style sheet into the "Edit CSS" box, check the "start from scratch using this" box, and preview the page... only it is different than what I get when just using the Kubrick theme (with no changes). (I have reverted any changes made in the "Custom Image Header/Color Header" tabs. Is there some reason there should be a difference?

  3. Because we don't have a link to your blog nor is it linked in your user name, we can't even tell if you are in the right forum. Assuming you are hosted here at wordpress.COM, a quick search of the forums will reveal that Kubrick is about the worst theme to work with here at wordpress.COM as it is extremely quirky and doesn't follow normal CSS stuff.

    If you really want to learn CSS, try another theme.

  4. I figured it out. The problem was that the #header background url value is a local reference, (/images/...etc.). Changing this to the (full) URL (http://....etc.) fixed the issue.

    I have to admit that I only chose Kubrick as it was considered the "default" theme (and, to be honest, I liked some of its aesthetics) and I assumed it would have been reasonable choice to look at. At any rate, yes, it certainly was quirky, and I had to restructure the whole silly thing in order for it to make sense for me.

    Now that I have rewritten it, I can make my own from scratch, and so thankfully I don't have to refer to it anymore.

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