Kubrick Custom Header Image Mask

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    A recipe for properly positioned custom header image with all corners rounded:

    – Using your favorite graphics program, set the black (#000) on this mask to ‘transparent’ and overlay it onto your source image.

    – Position the mask so that the image you want on your blog shows in the “window.”

    – Save the precise 760*200 mask with the ‘framed’ image as a graphics file (jpg works, I didn’t try gif or png).

    – Upload and do NOT crop (the default selection image area is the whole thing as uploaded and that’s what you want, so just hit the crop image button without moving any of the dotted lines.)

    See example here.



    WOW! ***kisses*** thanks for sharing this.



    UPDATE: Uploading the mask in JPEG format was a mistake. That center “window” has to be all one color (e.g. #000) and the JPEG compression algorithm introduces some pixels of “other than #000” especially around the lower left corner of the “window.”

    The fix?

    I uploaded the mask again, this time in PNG format, and my test (downloading same and inspecting the result) indicates the all-pure-black coloration of the “window” remains intact.

    So DON’T use the JPEG file linked to in the original post, download and use this PNG version instead.



    Thanks for your ongoing work on this. You may want to send a feedback in with a link to this thread. Perhaps sysadmin will want to place this in a pink sticky at the head of the forum or link to it from the FAQs blog.

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