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    When I tried to make a custom image header for kubrick it kept coming out shifted down about 10 pixels. I decided to download the kubrickheader.jpg file and then uploaded it, I got the same results. I have it set up like that right now so you can see the problem if you go to http://www.lackthereof.wordpress.com . I found an older thread with a similiar question but it was ‘unresolved’ yet the persons blog seemed fixed. Thanks ahead of time.



    Just for reference, you may not want to use the ‘www’ bit in your URLs. It’s actually incorrect and will cause a number of problems with search engine spiders and some folks trying to visit your blog. The ‘lackthereof’ actually takes the place of it.

    You haven’t done anything with your CSS by any chance, have you? I can’t pull up source from here so i can’t double check.

    It is the correct size and all that, right? 760 px by 200 px?

    It’s happened before with Kubrick and we’re probably going to have to get staff to look at it:

    https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic.php?id=4356 (Only one I can find right off)



    Thanks for the tip on www, I didn’t notice the URL didn’t have it. All I did was download the original header (the file named kubrickheader.gif) and then uploaded it and got a different result. I am sure it is the correct size (it is the original image, and I was not prompted for any scaling or cropping) and I have not touched the CSS (yet). The forum link you provided shows a similar problem, although their header is only dropped about 1 pixels whereas mine is about 10 pixels too low. In addition it was never resolved so it doesn’t really help. Thanks again.



    The bottom line on Kubrick is what you have determined.
    This remains a problem that has not to my knowledge been resolved.
    I suggest that you contact staff http://wordpress.com/contact-support/

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