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Kubrick is not valid XHTML

  1. I get the following line when validating the default theme:

    Error Line 46 column 7: end tag for element "style" which is not open.

  2. Best bet would be to send in a feedback from your Dashboard along with a link to the valididator that you used and the page that you tested.

  3. It looks like it is complaining about a style link within an HTML comment. If so, it is an error in the validation service.

  4. I swear it's like a Church council with these validators. (Which is why I mentioned stating which one you used) They can never get it together and act as one. :)

  5. Well, the validator is included in the 'Meta' section...

    Now, though, there is a legitimate coding error; whenever
    <blockquote> is used, <blockquote></p></blockquote><br /> is created. You see it render incorrectly in IE, but not in Safari et. al.

  6. <blockquote></p></blockquote>

    Where is this occuring on your site? I don't see it.

  7. Sorry, there's stuff in between the two blockquotes. For example, <blockquote>Beat the Holiday Rush!</p></blockquote>

  8. I gather you mean this post?

    I'm seeing:

    <blockquote><p>Beat the Holiday Rush!</p></blockquote>

  9. Aside, the "validator" is NOT included in the "Meta" section. The DTD / schema / namespace is in the meta.

  10. Um, I see it on Kubrick with no widgets used on my test blog.

    Site Admin
    Valid XHTML
    XFN (Does anyone actually use that?)

  11. Oh sorry, I see. Too much term re-use, I thought astronoman was referring to the HTML meta tag in the page source.

  12. This is why themes should never include a hardcoded link to the validator. No designer can control what code will get fed into the posts once people start using it, so your theme ends up making false claims which do not help the cause of web standards one iota. < /hobbyhorse >

  13. hmmmm ... this thread is interesting>
    Conceptually speaking, if one gets the gist from eavesdropping, some jargon speaking (beloved) geeks are debating some technicality. But, what's it really all about [she pondered]?
    What's useful purpose does this code validation serve and why is it expected or advisable that the Kubrik validate?
    If Kubrik HTML code doesn't validate what effect does this have on blogging?
    Please you geeks speakers, please, throw us non-techies out here a crumb ...
    of information ...
    for comprehension ... ;)
    Forums are for learning and that can't take place without teaching, right?

  14. drmike: Huh...that's...interesting. On the front page I see

    <blockquote>Dr. Schrodinger must die.</p></blockquote>


    <blockquote>When you study history [...]</p></blockquote>

    but I also see a change from before -

    <blockquote><p>Beat the Holiday Rush!</p></blockquote>

    Something weird is going on here, because that last one changed since the last time I posted.

    timethief: validation is important because it ensures that the HTML code you've written is correct, and that the page you see looks the same in all web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) that support the specified code. It's a way of streamlining the display of the website to *everyone*, regardless of browser.

  15. If that last post looks weird to anyone - I'm having a hard time getting <p> and </p>. Putting those in backticks doesn't seem to have the intended effect...

  16. @astronoman
    I'm seeing exactly what your describing with a firefox 1.5.7
    gottcha - I think - the purpose of validation is to ensure consistent display regardless of browser.
    gottcha - I think - themes should not include a hardcoded link to the validator as no designer can control what code will get fed into posts once people start using it.
    Thanks for throwing me the bone to gnaw on. It was a kindly thing to do.
    :) So what's the alternative to a hardcoded link to the validator in the theme?

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