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Kubrick Theme - Can't change the header color

  1. After I select a new upper and lower header color, and click save, the header goes back to the default color.

    Anyone know why this is happening? Any idea how to get it to work?


  2. I just tried Kubrick on my test blog twice and I don't experience this problem. Please send in a feedback to staff on this tomorrow.

  3. That's odd. I had a friend also try it out and he had the same problem.

  4. Ill try again and be back in a minute.
    Edit: WOAH! This time it reverted on me too ... weird

  5. I am not delusional, haha

  6. Delusional - no way - it's weird. Other things are weird today too. I'm going to read my mystery novel tonight and blog tomorrow. :)

  7. haha, let's hope the weird things that are happening today gets fixed soon. Thanks and enjoy your novel

  8. {waving and smiling} :)

  9. What browser and browser version are you using? I know I have issues with this on Netscape 7.2 and have to switch to IE 6 or 7 when I need to do this. Just wondering if you have an older browser as well.

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