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    I noticed that the default theme (Kubrick) footer looks off center, in Firefox. It looks fine in IE and Opera. It even looks fine in Epiphany. I have used Firefox on three different computers, using Microsoft Windows and Ubuntu Linux versions of Firefox, and it looks the same in all.

    Has anybody else noticed this? I think it is only Kubrick that has this problem.

    Is there any way you can fix this please?

    Note: I looked to see if there are any errors from the validation page, and there are none that it shows. Since I am not allowed to edit the html, could you please try to fix this?

    Thank you.



    Matt has requested that theme bugs be sent in via the Feedback method from your Dashboard as a ticket needs to be created on it.

    Thanks though for noticing it,



    How to remove the words in the footer and replace by a customized wordings? Thanks..



    Can’t happen currently. We share the themes among all of the users on teh servers so if one was modified, they would all be modified.

    It’s one of the reasons why I would like to see more themes put in a ‘sidebar’ for widgets in their footers as well as their actual sidebars. :)



    A footer widget is an excellent idea. Also a custom header for Kubrick is needed. Kubrick is by far, the prettiest theme, IMHO, but, there is no custom header ability, other than color, so…

    A footer widget would be a great place to be able to add a Creative Commons License, and feed chicklets, like add to my yahoo, bloglines, etc.

    What do you think about that?

    Dr. Mike. I will repeat this is the feedback form.


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