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    l have a blog. alikaya.co and l use wordpress theme. but l have a problem. l want to upload audio files, that’s why l try to buy extra storage but there was some technic problems…

    first of all, my blog alikaya.co is not a member of wordpress.com. thus, my login adress is (email redacted) but it is different from my blog. my wordpress account is not about my blog?

    so how can l buy more storage for alikaya.co? thank you.



    You cannot buy more storage from WordPress.com for a blog that is not hosted at WordPress.com. Contact your web host.



    l want to upload audio files. to use this feature l have to buy more storage from wordpress. it is the problem!

    how can l solve this?



    These WordPress.com support forums and the upgrades offered by WordPress.com are only for blogs that are being hosted by WordPress.com. Your blog is not hosted by WordPress.com. We cannot help you here. If you need a space upgrade then purchase one from the company that is hosting your blog.

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