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Label threads with appropriate forums on FRONT page

  1. Sure would be handy for us volunteers if, on the front page of the forums, each thread indicated which forum it had been posted in. EG instead of the title of a thread being "NEED HELP with penguin customizaSHUN" it would say "NEED HELP with penguin customizaSHUN [CSS]" or similar. I waste so much time clicking on things only to realize that's not my field.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. +1 . That would be useful.

  3. Another +1 for the idea

  4. I agree :-)

  5. Count me in too. +1

  6. Umm ... I'm just lazy. I do know that we can click the links for the different forums in the lefthand sidebar on the front forum page but I never do.

  7. Me too.

  8. The .ORG Forums require you to look in each individual sub area - I find the most recent questions on the front page here much easier to use. I suspect that there are fewer confused people because they can find their question on the front page if they check soon enough.

  9. Count me in as to agreeing that this idea would be a great implementation for the forum front page...

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