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    I know volunteers do not appreciate when people post questions more than once, but this has been overlooked for whatever reason.

    My issue seems to be a little different from the one who started the thread. I am not receiving email notifications for non-Wordpress followers after they sign up and confirm, when I believe I used to. Is this a change, or am I remembering incorrectly? As I asked, if this was never done, why not? A follower is a follower.

    Also, when there was no response, I thought to fill out one of the contact forms for staff, but the wording has changed that it sounds like it will be directed to the forums rather than staff. I have a paid upgrade from some months ago, which seemed to be the criteria to be allowed to contact staff directly.

    Neither issue is urgent and thank you for your response.

    The blog I need help with is


    I believe I waited a sufficient time for a response. I know how busy forums are, unanswered threads will just be pushed out of sight and mind. Why this remains unanswered I do not know.

    After posting this, I perused some of the threads and noticed some people were taken aback because when they filled out the support form, they assumed it went privately to staff, so gave more info than they would have done on a public forum. So I guess that’s my answer about contacting staff- As of this time, it is no longer an option.

    It would have been nice if there was some official word on this. I just happened to notice the wording was not quite the same as I was used to, so paid attention to what it said. I imagine not all have done this.

    But about not getting notification of followers, I’d like a reply to that. Is this a bug? Or are there no longer notifications for non-wordpress followers? I still do not understand why there would not be notification.



    Please confirm your settings are correct here > Settings > Discussion
    Also confirm the correct email addresses are entered at
    the Settings tab on the home page, and
    Users -> Personal Settings in your dashboard
    Also note this please >
    Then check to be sure that the motifications aren’t in your email spam filter.
    I’ll flag this thread for Staff attention.

    Re: reaching Staff.
    This was the announcement March 22/2012:

    We believe everyone deserves fantastic support for their blog. Our backlog of requests has consistently grown as our team of 10 receives nearly 8,000 messages a week. To get caught up and give our customers the support they expect with paid upgrades, we made the difficult decision to limit the contact form to customers with upgrades. Once we are caught up we will work on bringing a high level of support back for everyone.

    If you are new to we have a step-by-step guide to all things WordPress. Our helpful forums remain open and you can find more details in our support documentation. There we have guides on getting started, writing your first post, and finding your readers.

    We will update this space as we work on bringing back outstanding, free support for everyone. Thank you.


    I appreciate getting a response. :) This was in my opening: I have a paid upgrade from some months ago, which seemed to be the criteria to be allowed to contact staff directly.

    On the post (the one I linked to) I originally commented on, I wrote this: I noticed the submit button says, “Ask Community for Support” rather than what it used to. I wish I could remember what it used to say, but I do not want to guess.

    I checked all my settings again just now and I am set to receive notifications for followers. Any time I get email in my spam folder I check it out, usually a couple times a day. I have gotten WordPress emails in there a few times, but they’ve been for this forum and other blogs’ updates.



    I believe it used to say “contact Support” or words to that effect. Hopefully, Staff will assist you with this soon.



    As a user with paid upgrades, you can always reach us directly through

    As for the email issue, would you please check your spam folder?


    Hello macmanx,

    I have the contact link bookmarked now.

    My spam folder is empty right now for the account I use for WordPress. I checked it earlier today and the only emails were spam.



    Do you see all of your current notifications at!/notifications/ ?


    No, it doesn’t. If you are able to view my stats, there are the two newest followers; they are WordPress users. One joined 1 day, 5 hours ago. The next shows 1 month, 2 weeks ago. Those two I received notification for. But when I go to the tab for email followers, the first two show they’ve both been following for 1 week now. Those I did not receive notification for. Neither did I receive one for the email follower before that who started following 2 months ago.

    As best as I can recall, with all previous email followers, I did receive notification. Sadly, I did not save any of those notifications to go back to.



    I was the one who started the original forum question and the problem is still ongoing. Out of the last nearly two weeks I have six new followers and only recieved notifications for half of them. (in order of yes, no, no, yes, yes, no).



    As an extra, I check my spam/junk folders in email and WP regularly as sometimes legitimate comments from other followers get sent there unexpectedly.



    We actually stopped sending notifications for Email followers a while back.

    Currently, we only send notifications if a logged in user follows your blog.



    I know don’t think I have ever been notified for email followers, and don’t expect to be. The ones I am worried about are the actual WP followers, logged in, with blogs of their own.


    We actually stopped sending notifications for Email followers a while back.


    Why didn’t you say this to begin with? All this hassle because I saw this enough to wonder if it was a bug.

    And I want to know, why was this done? Personally, I don’t feel a non-Wordpress follower has any less value than one who is. Often, they have blogs elsewhere and I have a means to contact them.



    Sorry, I must have glanced over that earlier. I assumed this was related to a similar issue where users weren’t getting any notifications.

    This change was made to better comply with our privacy policy.



    Thank you very much for responding. I guess I cannot argue with the privacy policy. :) Thinking back to what I remember about the emails, I can imagine a change was needed.



    You’re welcome!

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