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Why isn't there any space between headlines and the text below them?

  1. nattensbibliotek

    Could you please check why there is no space between headline and underordered list at the end of these posts:

    It looks ok in editing mode and in RSS but not when I publish.

    If you scroll down the posts in the category "inlägg som berör" you can see that this problem has not always been there it appeared after 1st of April and is now always there. I switched to Chrome sometime then could that have something to do with this?

    Looking forward to your answer.

    Best regards,
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  2. The reason why there is no space between the headlines and the lists below them is that the headlines are enclosed in <div></div> tags, and so are the lists.

    This often happens when pasting content into the editor area from another text editor or word processor without using the Paste from Word or Paste from Text editor buttons.

    Please delete all these <div> and </div> tags from your posts, and the spacing will be fixed.

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