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    I have my own domain name for my WordPress blog and when I type the website into the address bar and hit enter, there is a delay of at least three to four seconds before the website begins loading.

    Once it begins loading, it’s lighting fast, but the delay is irritating me and the users who visit the website.

    I thought at first it could be the server that was the issue, but it loads the rest of my non WordPress websites fine.

    Any help would be appreciated.




    Have you a plugin for some nifty thing in the sidebar of your blog that may be causing the delay? From time to time, I’ve noticed a similar thing with blogger blogs and I’m sure that the problem there is the bloggers who forget that a bajillion plugins for every neat thing available can make their site delay in loading.

    You didn’t link to the blog that’s giving you trouble, so we can’t see if you have anything like that. (I’m not saying you are one of those bloggers who have a bajillion plugins, only that there may be even just one guilty party causing the delay.)

    I’m sure other more knowledgeable volunteers will be along shortly; they usually are. I try not to answer unless I think I know something (lol, so not that often) and that’s about as much as I can offer this time.

    Good luck though!



    I’m not going to guess without a link to the blog in question. But not sure if I will be able to help anyway, since on this antiquated rig it can take a blog up to five minutes to load.

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