Lagging in using "Backspace" to erase letters typed.

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    I’ve been experiencing this rather irritating thing when making an entry.

    The typing works fine but whenever the “backspace” is used to erase a typo, WordPress just lags and by lag i mean it does not respond immediately with each click on the “backspace”. Often than not, the delay is about 1 second and sometimes more meaning to say the typo will also be erase after 1 second from the time the “backspace” is pressed.

    Kindly look into this matter.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m not experiencing this on my blogs. I’m using Furefox 11. Exactly which browser and version of it are you using please?



    **headesk** edit: Firefox 11


    I’m using Firefox 11 as well and the problem only seems to appear when making an entry in the blog.

    I tried using “backspace” here now typing this reply and the deletion is immediate.

    What happened =/

    It’s definitely not my laptop because i’m using a Dell L502x XPS laptop, supposed to be one of the high laptops models so i think it’s definitely fit to run wordpress.

    Heck, it can run Battlefield 3 on high without issues lol.



    First check and see if its just a cookie or ram issue.

    -log out of your account, clear your cache and cookies and then check to see if everything works
    on firefox thats:

    (control)+(shift) +(delete) buttons at the same time.

    if you are still having trouble:

    Have you added any new extensions to Firefox recently? my cursor will lag if I forget to turn off a userscript or an image tool extension.

    turn off any userscripts if you use them (for greasemonkey) and see what happens with the editor.

    To check extensions, restart firefox in “safe mode” and test the editor.
    in the firefox menu that’s:

    Help –> restart with add-ons disabled.

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